We strongly support the emphasis and trend towards health education. Each person is largely responsible for his or her state of health. Prevention is better than cure and many serious conditions can be prevented by a healthy lifestyle without the need for drugs. Six ways you can help yourself to a healthier lifestyle

  • Be a non smoker
  • Be a reasonable weight
  • Take regular exercise
  • Eat a high fibre, low fat diet
  • Avoid excessive exposure to the sun


Treatment Room

The treatment room has booked appointments available on mornings and afternoons except Wednesday afternoon.

All clinical tests must be requested by a GP (ie Blood tests) before booking an appointment with the treatment room.

[There are clinic appointments running in conjunction so there is always more than one queue.]

Asthma Clinic

Patients both adults and children are seen at this clinic for appropriate education, advice and supervision of treatment.  The clinic also provides individual management plans, where appropriate and follow-up care.

We will send you a letter asking you to book an appointment for the asthma clinic. If you have not received a letter and are overdue your annual review please contact the surgery and we will book you in for an appointment

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Our specially trained nurses manage respiratory diseases and run week COPD clinics. They will determine whether you have COPD. You will be counselled, advised regarding treatment and reviewed as necessary. In order to manage the list of patients attending this clinic please contact surgery for an appointment, if you cannot attend on the date given another appointment will be given to you.

Diabetic Clinic

Our Practice nurses are fully trained in the management of diabetes. A diabetic clinic is run each week, where patients are assessed, diagnosed, advised regarding treatment and monitored. When you receive an appointment please make every effort to attend, however if you cannot attend please let reception staff know and your appointment will be given to another patient.


Our Practice Nurses are fully trained in the management of patients on Warfarin medication.

Cervical Smears

The surgery is keen to promote prevention of women’s diseases and it is very important for all women between 20 and 65 to have a cervical smear test every three years. There are many early stages of cervical cancer and if picked up early, this is totally curable by simple treatment and no large operation is necessary. We have specially trained nurses to perform cervical smears.

When you attend for a smear could we ask you to bring a stamped, self-addressed envelope, with you in order that you may receive your smear result. This has proved to be a confidential way to receive results as the patient recognise their own handwriting when letter arrives by post.

Appointments are available on request or by recall system. If you speak to doctor or nurse and decide you do not want a smear please sign refusal form, either at surgery or by post, this means you will not be contacted again by the practice for five years. If you have had a smear taken outside the practice e.g. at a hospital or family planning clinic, please inform practice – this will save you getting unwanted invitations from us. Your help in this matter will be very much appreciated.

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